Celebrate ADA's 26th Anniversary...Give Self-Advocates across the DD Council Network Access to National Leadership/Advocacy Experiences

Please give generously! For every $2,600* raised, one or more scholarships can be awarded. Help NACDD boost opportunities for self-advocates to shine!

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$78 towards $26,000

We are fundraising to provide deserving self-advocates living with developmental disabilities with financial assistance for leadership opportunities.

Nothing about us, without us!

NACDD invites you to join our Scholarship Support Squad today. Help us provide more scholarships to self-advocates asking for help to become community, DD Council, and national leaders on issues important to the developmental disability community.

Every year NACDD is contacted by many self-advocates asking for financial help to participate in programs that will help them become active, knowledgeable, effective advocates and leaders on issues that will help them and their fellow self-advocates live self-determined lives.

Feel good giving as part of NACDD's Scholarship Support Squad today!

You will make an impact on self-advocates like Eric Stoker, pictured above speaking to a leadership workshop of self-advocates at the 2016 NACDD National Conference. Eric has found his voice as an advocate for himself and for the DD community. Be inspired to give when you read Eric's story here.

Scholarship funds will be made available through an application process for self-advocates to use to pay for travel costs, tuition and registration fees, patient assistance and other expenses that might otherwise prevent them from full participation in national leadership and advocacy programs.

Help us celebrate the 26th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act - and more importantly, let's empower more self-advocates to lead us all and advance the ADA. Let's invest in a new generation of leaders for us all on disability, community and civil rights!

Your donations will help self-advocates making plans this fall to attend programs coming up soon. The more funds raised, the more self-advocates across the states and territories we can help. Our goal is to raise at least $26,000. We would like to help between 10 and 26 self-advocates follow their dreams.

Your generous support will help fund scholarships for self-advocates who want to attend these programs:

  • National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities at University of Delaware (January 2017)
  • NACDD Disability Policy Summit (March 2017)
  • NACDD National Conference (July 2017)

* Scholarship amounts will vary based on program costs, travel and personal assistance expenses, and financial need. Leadership program scholarships will range from an estimated $500 - $2600. A full 90% of all money raised will be awarded as scholarships with only 10% used to administer and promote the program.

Did you know that your donations to NACDD are tax-deductible? It is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c) 3 charitable organization.

Thank you for your generous support today - and for believing in the leadership potential and impact of our self-advocates.

Donna Meltzer


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